Birth Pool Hire for Hull & East Riding Families

Update: 24/09/20 We have been told by the LMS that the pool hire pilot scheme has reached its pool hire quota and is currently on hold whilst it is being reviewed. There is a wait list in the event of any cancellations. Please visit their website to request to go on the wait list.

Our Local Maternity System (LMS) announced last week that they are piloting a subsidised birth pool hire scheme.

The scheme is available to those living in the Humber, Coast and Vale area, which includes both Hull and the East Riding.

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Hannah’s Story

I started getting pains at about 11pm on Friday, but after having a bit of a false start on Wednesday I decided it was nothing, took paracetamol and went to bed for a bit. I woke up at half 2 and contractions were every 10 minutes and getting painful, I ran the bath and Gary rang my mum as my little boy was stirring in bed and I needed other half to fill the pool.

Mum got here about 3am, at that point contractions were every 5 minutes. Midwife got here at 4am and I was 7cm (I requested to be examined as still wasn’t convinced I was in labour 😂, she rang the other midwife and I got in the pool.

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Rachel’s Story

I woke up around 1.50am with tummy ache, assumed it was the kebab from the night before so popped off to the toilet, I was in there a good half an hour before I realised the pains I was getting were actually pretty regular and figured I should time them. After an hour I decided yes they are contractions, yes I’m in labour! I went downstairs and woke up my OH who’d been sent to the sofa when our daughter took over the bed! I told him calmly “we’re getting our baby today”. I gave him the option of going up to bed or helping me set up the living room with the birth pool, he helped, and made LOTS of tea !!

By 5am everything was ready and the pool was full, contractions were getting pretty painful now so I decided to jump in. Bad idea.
My labour all but stopped, contractions became extremely weak and went from 2 mins apart to 6-7 mins. Darcie was up now and wanting to get in the water. She paced the room with me and we did bounces, anything to kick things back up again. We decided my OH should go to work as it seemed nothing was happening. 8.34 my mum turned up and made me ring the midwives. Contractions were about 3 mins apart and super intense, I rang for a midwife and text the OH to come back from work.

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Kate’s Story

We were so pleased to welcome this little man on Wednesday, 6 days late but at home.

It was a slow start and I spent the morning watching Netflix and eating bacon butties (beats tea and toast).
My contractions were of no real pattern but one warm bath later they increased and intensified so it was a call to the community midwives. They arrived at 3pm, all relaxed and we chatted as they monitored the contractions from a far. I knew it was time to go in the pool then at 5:40pm he arrived.

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The Home Birth Checklist

Hot Water and Towels

In old movies you would always hear someone shout ‘get hot water and towels’ when a person was in labour, it has been debated as to what the hot water and towels were actually for! Perhaps to occupy the least useful person and get them out of the way, or maybe towels to mop up and hot (boiling) water to sterilise things.

Interestingly things really haven’t changed that much and in a recent poll asking local home birthing families what items they would recommend for a home birth, both old towels and a birthing pool made it to the top of the list! (See below for the full list).

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Beth’s Water Birth

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Nancy almost 5 years ago, my midwife told me I’d be a perfect candidate for a home birth. I was intrigued, I’d never heard of anyone have a home birth! My husband completely dismissed the idea, with it being our first baby we didn’t know what to expect with labour. I knew I wanted a natural birth if possible, but was open to the possibility of pain relief.

When the time came, I took one contraction at a time and managed to remain in control. I stayed at home for as long as possible, chilling out in the bath and eating toast. I enjoyed being in my own environment; just me and my husband. I was only at the hospital for 90 mins before our beautiful baby girl entered the world, with only the use of gas and air.

Fast forward 2 years when I fell pregnant with my little boy. I knew I wanted my home birth this time! I bought myself a book about home birth and educated myself and my husband. It wasn’t long before he was completely on board, too.

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