Rachel’s Story

I woke up around 1.50am with tummy ache, assumed it was the kebab from the night before so popped off to the toilet, I was in there a good half an hour before I realised the pains I was getting were actually pretty regular and figured I should time them. After an hour I decided yes they are contractions, yes I’m in labour! I went downstairs and woke up my OH who’d been sent to the sofa when our daughter took over the bed! I told him calmly “we’re getting our baby today”. I gave him the option of going up to bed or helping me set up the living room with the birth pool, he helped, and made LOTS of tea !!

By 5am everything was ready and the pool was full, contractions were getting pretty painful now so I decided to jump in. Bad idea.
My labour all but stopped, contractions became extremely weak and went from 2 mins apart to 6-7 mins. Darcie was up now and wanting to get in the water. She paced the room with me and we did bounces, anything to kick things back up again. We decided my OH should go to work as it seemed nothing was happening. 8.34 my mum turned up and made me ring the midwives. Contractions were about 3 mins apart and super intense, I rang for a midwife and text the OH to come back from work.

9.28 My midwife, Victoria arrived. Contractions were now so strong I could barely talk or stand but still 3-4 mins apart, I was sat labouring on the toilet as it was the only place I felt comfortable. I made my way through and we listened to baby’s heart and Victoria asked if I’d like to be examined I said yes and after she had a good rummage declared I was about 5-6cm and suggested I get back in the pool, passed me the entinox and she rang her second midwife who questioned whether she needed her yet or not.

My mum told her I went extremely quickly from 6cm to delivery with my daughter. Darcie was still with us but was getting extremely upset so my mum took her to my neighbour. My OH had to run over with her changing bag and to make sure she was okay.

All of a sudden I had massive surge and felt a slight burn I sucked deep on the gas and pointed between my legs, my mum took one look and told the midwife I was crowning. She jumped up and checked, confirmed that he had just birthed his own head in a matter of minutes of me getting in the pool, Victoria asked me a few times if I was okay, I was just so shocked, I felt his head, questioned whether he was okay just sitting there like that, it felt like hours had passed! She asked if I could give a little push, I barely had to, my next contraction kicked in and Eden bungeed out, Victoria quickly grabbed him from the water and handed him to me whilst shouting for my mum to grab the clamps. He’d snapped his cord. Thankfully she noticed immediately.

My OH walked in minutes after, declaring that Darcie was fine, he suddenly noticed the baby on my chest, I couldn’t stop apologising that he’d missed it, he couldn’t either. Everything happened so fast we didn’t get chance for photos.