Charley’s Story

💙 Known baby boy: Ezra Jude
⏰️ 6.6.21 @ 11.42. 39+6 w
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fourth baby and 2nd boy
⚖️ Weighed 3.156kg 6lb 15.5oz (my biggest baby!)
🏡 First planned homebirth but ended up BBA
🏨 MLU transfer, 6hour discharge

What an amazing experience and it still doesn’t feel real or like it’s even my story to tell! I feel so lucky I got the birth I dreamed of, even though there were a couple of little hiccups along the way.

I’d been having quite painful tightenings over the last few weeks, they tended to happen on a night time and become quite strong but then disappeared by the morning. They started at 36 weeks and at first I did think he was going to come early as all my other babies have arrived before their dates (35 weeks for my first baby, 37 weeks 2nd baby and 38 weeks 3rd baby). Once I got to 38 weeks I just decided it was my body preparing for labour and maybe I was doing a bit too much too.

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Celebrating All Things Home Birth!

We were asked by our Local Maternity System (LMS) to make a Home Birth video for a virtual carousel.

For the last few years we have regularly attended the monthly carousel at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital, to promote home birth as an option to local families and answer any queries.

Since the corona virus outbreak, these have been unable to run and have been greatly missed by many.

We have put together a simple video featuring real local home birthing families and their reasons for having a home birth. We hope you enjoy watching!

Virtual Meet Ups

During the Covid19 restrictions our monthly meet ups have been taking place via Zoom. This is free to access, via a phone, tablet or PC. Please visit our Facebook Group to view the event, alternatively if you are not a Facebook user you can email us at

Our meetings are run informal and peer led, run by people who are planning or have experienced home births themselves, all are welcome. They are usually attended by expectant parents, past home birthers, and a range of health care professionals relating to birth and breastfeeding. Numbers can vary month to month.

Home Birth Merchandise For Sale!

Hull & East Yorkshire Home Birth Group Volunteer sets up a Home Birth Merchandise Shop.

Melissa who gave birth to both of her sons at home set up the Redbubble shop after noticing there was very little Home Birth Merchandise available to buy.

Melissa comments ‘When I had my first home birth, my sister had wanted to buy me a ‘born at home’ baby vest and struggled to find one she liked, in the end she got one personalised.’

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Birth Pool Hire for Hull & East Riding Families

Update: 24/09/20 We have been told by the LMS that the pool hire pilot scheme has reached its pool hire quota and is currently on hold whilst it is being reviewed. There is a wait list in the event of any cancellations. Please visit their website to request to go on the wait list.

Our Local Maternity System (LMS) announced last week that they are piloting a subsidised birth pool hire scheme.

The scheme is available to those living in the Humber, Coast and Vale area, which includes both Hull and the East Riding.

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