Birth Pool Hire for Hull & East Riding Families

Update: 24/09/20 We have been told by the LMS that the pool hire pilot scheme has reached its pool hire quota and is currently on hold whilst it is being reviewed. There is a wait list in the event of any cancellations. Please visit their website to request to go on the wait list.

Our Local Maternity System (LMS) announced last week that they are piloting a subsidised birth pool hire scheme.

The scheme is available to those living in the Humber, Coast and Vale area, which includes both Hull and the East Riding.

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Amy’s Story

I have always loved and found the long birth stories really inspiring and totally amazing during pregnancy so ‘Sorry not Sorry’ for the really really really long post… it will take a while to read so put your feet up!

Pregnancy overview; I found out 9DPO, burst ovarian cysts at 4 & 8 weeks, hyperemesis-gravidarum from 5 weeks, PGP, 2 lots of reduced movements and a history of surgery making me consultant led until after 20 weeks when I made my case and he made me midwife led.

After 2 weeks of latent labour preparations, once early labour started, things progressed quicker than we realised at the time, and almost without the midwife.

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