Beth’s Water Birth

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Nancy almost 5 years ago, my midwife told me I’d be a perfect candidate for a home birth. I was intrigued, I’d never heard of anyone have a home birth! My husband completely dismissed the idea, with it being our first baby we didn’t know what to expect with labour. I knew I wanted a natural birth if possible, but was open to the possibility of pain relief.

When the time came, I took one contraction at a time and managed to remain in control. I stayed at home for as long as possible, chilling out in the bath and eating toast. I enjoyed being in my own environment; just me and my husband. I was only at the hospital for 90 mins before our beautiful baby girl entered the world, with only the use of gas and air.

Fast forward 2 years when I fell pregnant with my little boy. I knew I wanted my home birth this time! I bought myself a book about home birth and educated myself and my husband. It wasn’t long before he was completely on board, too.

The day before my due date I started with contractions at about 9.30am …. I spent the morning with my friend and her little boy. As the sun beamed down on me (it was a very hot day!) we chatted and watched the kids play in the garden together, I felt each contraction getting stronger. At 12:30 I rang Dom and said it may be time to come home… Dom arrived and my mother in law came to pick up Nancy. Dom started to set up the pool whilst I leaned over my birthing ball and drank tea. Between contractions we were laughing and chatting and feeling very excited. Dom suggested we ring the midwives but I told him  not to rush. I wanted it to be just us for as long as possible. I followed my body and knew it wasn’t time just yet. At 3:30pm the contractions were quite intense.

Dom rang the community midwife who came within 20 minutes. I didn’t want to be examined, but the midwife said I could get into the pool as she could see I was progressing nicely. The warm water was so nice and my contractions didn’t feel as painful . At around 4.30pm my contractions became very intense. The second Midwife arrived.

I tried gas and air but felt it was more of a hindrance having to hold it. Before I knew it I felt like I needed to push. Then I started to panic a little. I didn’t know where to put myself, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t do it 🙁 but one of the Midwives told me to breathe slowly and spoke calmly to me, reassuring me that I could do it, I WAS doing it. She helped me to regain control. I could feel baby’s head in my pelvis and put my hands between my legs and felt baby’s head! I was pushing with all my might by now and slowly felt baby’s head come out – Dom even got a photo! I was told to sit back so that I could pull baby up myself, and so with one final push, my baby was born! With the help of one of the midwives, I pulled baby up to my chest. It was 5.31pm.

My body was filled with adrenaline and I just sobbed but without the tears ! It wasn’t for another minute or so when we realised we hadn’t even looked to see if baby was a boy or girl…. The midwife helped me look and I saw it was a boy! Little Felix Anthony. We remained in the pool until the cord stopped pulsating and then Dom go to cut the cord himself (this never happened at the hospital with Nancy). Dom took Felix from me and I was helped out of the pool and delivered the placenta on the ( well protected) sofa. I had the injection, but the midwife said it would have probably come shortly after anyway, so I kind of wish I’d waited. I didn’t need any stitches, I just had a small graze.

After snuggles on the sofa and some skin to skin, I got in the shower and into my pj’s then said goodbye to the midwives. The three of us got into bed and ordered a Chinese takeaway and had a small glass of (well deserved) fizz! I felt a million dollars –  I was in my own home and laid next to my husband where I felt I should be. Everyone commented on how well I looked the following days. I honestly believe this is because I had such a lovely labour. Felix is now almost 2 and causing chaos haha! I recommend a home birth to anyone. I wish I’d done it with Nancy. It is an experience I look back on with real fondness and pride. That’s how it should be after all 🙂

Beth x