Hannah’s Story

I started getting pains at about 11pm on Friday, but after having a bit of a false start on Wednesday I decided it was nothing, took paracetamol and went to bed for a bit. I woke up at half 2 and contractions were every 10 minutes and getting painful, I ran the bath and Gary rang my mum as my little boy was stirring in bed and I needed other half to fill the pool.

Mum got here about 3am, at that point contractions were every 5 minutes. Midwife got here at 4am and I was 7cm (I requested to be examined as still wasn’t convinced I was in labour 😂, she rang the other midwife and I got in the pool.

After what seemed like hours of pushing (it wasn’t), I started doubting myself and was getting tired, the midwives were amazing, very reassuring and urged me on. Once I started to feel her crown I realised my efforts were working, and she was born with 2 big pushes at 5.50am in the pool in the living room.

We had lots of lovely skin to skin, and breastfeeding, there was no pressure to get out of the pool or deliver the placenta.

It was all very natural, I had no pain relief other than the pool and the 11pm paracetamol, and no stitches ( I had a 3rd degree tear with my LB). I feel very lucky, like I got the perfect birth. The Midwifes left about half 7, and we had an amazing day bonding as a new family of 4.

Baby Freja. 02.06.18 – 5.50am, 8lb 9.5oz

PS. I don’t know how Gary managed to make the water look so clean in the picture, it wasn’t 😂