Support for Partners

July 14th, 2012

For all women whom are thinking about having a home birth, it is essential that they have the support of a partner, be that their own, a friend, relative or doula.

Therefore many of the partners of local women who have had home births have agreed to be on our ‘Experiences Register’  and are happy to have contact details passed on to the partners of women planning a home birth.  Having another man or birth partner to talk about it can often give that much needed confidence boost, allay many of the worries, and therefore enable them to truly enjoy the experience and be there for the labouring woman.  If for whatever reason the woman may not have a birth partner, we can put her in touch with doulas or birth companions who are able to offer that much needed support.

If you would like your details to be added to our experience register, please download and completed the attached form and email it to us.  We will then add your details to the register and if requested, put other parents who may want to discuss home birth in touch with you.