Diane’s Story

It was a shock to find out I was pregnant at the end of October 2015 with my 4th child, I hadn’t been with my partner long, we decided to keep the baby. I suffered awful bouts of morning sickness, extreme tiredness, and many weeks not been able to eat properly. Then my partner decided he didn’t want a child with me and when I was 11 weeks – a week before Xmas 2015 he upped and left and I dealt with the pregnancy alone. I then lost my job due to being pregnant at 5 months… I knew from that point this child would be so special to me and my other children.


My midwife mentioned I was the perfect candidate for a home birth, as I already had 3 children with no complications and all 3 births were straight forward. I was apprehensive as I didn’t know the ins and outs of a home birth. 32 weeks pregnant came and after much thought and research I decided to go ahead with my home birth – mainly due to the fact I had no birthing partner, no family, no proper friends.  I was so scared… scared of being pregnant and alone, scared of giving birth alone, scared of having a baby alone. My due date was 4th July 2016 – Independence Day!

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