Links and Books

July 14th, 2012

Useful Websites and Links – run by Angela Horn, who has had several homebirths herself – birth stories and lots of information, including evidence- or experience-based answers to various reasons why you might be told you can’t have a homebirth – lots of inspirational birth videos, including homebirth and a series of homebirth video diaries – The Association for Improvement in Maternity Services (AIMS) has a lot of experience helping people who are having difficulties booking a home birth – The Independent Midwives’ Association has a list of independent midwives in the UK, with links to websites where available. – information about doulas and a searchable list of doulas registered with Doula UK – volunteer project providing doulas to women in Hull – Goodwin Volunteer Breastfeeding Support Service – local service offering breastfeeding support – A website with lots of good information about hypnotherapy in pregnancy and birth – Sheila Kitzinger – thoughts on home birth, references, and home birth in the news, from a well-respected natural birth advocate – NCT (National Childbirth Trust) a charity offering local antenatal classes, Bumps and Babes, as well as Nearly New Sales and other events

Association of Radical Midwives has some interesting articles on midwifery and birth choices –

Hull & East Yorkshire Maternity Services  –


Home Birth by Nicky Wesson

Comprehensive guide to planning home birth. Considers why you might want a home birth, safety, high-risk pregnancies, complications of labour and birth, and lots of birth stories including those of transfers to hospital. This book does not paint home birth in a rosy glow – it encourages readers to think about all possible scenarios.

Where to be born? The debate and the evidence by R Campbell and A McFarlane

A scholarly but approachable book reviewing the evidence then available on the safety of home birth. The authors concluded that obstetric interventions could be beneficial on occasion, but that there was no evidence to suggest the safest policy was for all women to be delivered in hospital.

Birth Your Way
: Choosing Birth at Home or in a Birth Centre by Sheila Kitzinger


The Father’s Home Birth Handbook by Leah Hazard

Home birth stories from men and information about these questions:

  • Is home birth safe?
  • Which forms of pain relief are suitable for birth at home?
  • What should I do about friends and family who think home birth is a bad idea?
  • How is the father’s role in a home birth different from the father’s role in a hospital birth?
  • How can I help if things don’t go to plan?