Beth’s Husband’s Perspective

When my wife mentioned home birth to me my first reaction was ‘no way’. I have a son with a previous partner; his birth was a scary experience. Epidural, Episiotomy, Forceps, not crying when he was born, taken away without explanation. And then my ex-partner got an infection and was in hospital for weeks. So what if that happened this time to my wife? However, when I really thought about it; talked to the midwifes who were an excellent team, it was a good idea. It would make it a better experience for me, i would be in my own home where I can relax.

We couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. The midwifes were excellent and getting 2:1 care made both of us feel confident that our baby was being monitored closely. I was able to feel useful by making my wife food & drinks, putting her favourite films on, setting up the birth pool. I had a purpose. In hospital you are a spare part. This was different.

Seeing my son born naturally into the birth pool and hearing him cry when he was placed on my wife’s chest was literally amazing. Nature at its best. I was so proud.

I always thought having a baby was painful, stressful and worrying. But it doesn’t have to be. We will definitely choose home birth for any future children.